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EVOO EVOO EVOO EVOO EVOO Olive Olive Olive Olive Kalamata Kalamata Gourmet Grocery

Origin: Greece
Variety: Koroneiki
Harvest Year: November 2018
Harvest type: Hand picked
Extraction: Cold extraction
Acidity (during production): 0.28
K270: 0.125 / K232: 1.630
Peroxyde: 5.1 meqO2/kg
Bottling & Labelling: On Estate
Colour: Deep green
Flavour: Medium fruitiness (mF: 4.4), Medium bitterness (mF: 3.2), Medium pungency (mF: 4.4)
Tasting notes: Predominant green notes in the nose & the palate. Strong aromas of fresh green grass, artichoke & herbs with nuances of unripe banana & a hint of tomato. Sweet bitterness is felt in the mouth & a lingering spicy sensation completes the tasting experience of the Loukakos Estate Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Serving suggestion: Ideal with salads, vegetables, soups, pasta, bread, fish, red meat & fruit.
Volume: 250ml (8.40fl oz).

Loukakos Estate Premium Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Limited Batch