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Our Story

History in olive cultivation

Loukakos Estate is a Greek family run business with a history of olive cultivation spanning over 5 generations.


Located close the ancient town of Gytheio, which translated, means “Land of God”, we are truly blessed to be located in the rolling hills of the Southern Peloponnese next to the Laconian Gulf. This combination of sun, sea breeze and rich, hilly terrain, provide ideal climate conditions for olive cultivation.

Respect for the product

Olive oil production dates back as far as 1500 BC making it truly a product of rich history and heritage. In acknowledgment to this, we have invested in the sustainable care of the land which enables us to grow healthy olives of the highest quality.

With such a valuable and treasured life source, it is our duty to respect and do it justice so that it can be enjoyed it in its purest and most optimal form.

The end result

Producing extra virgin olive oil each season, is a year long dedicated process with many steps and points of possible failure. In our pursuit for excellence, nothing is ever left to chance; each step of the process is never compromised, rather optimised and constantly re-assessed using traditional and modern techniques to ensure the best possible extra virgin olive oil is produced year after year.