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Rich Family History, Pure Passion

A Legacy of Olive Cultivation

At Loukakos Estate, our story begins over five generations ago in the Southern Peloponnese, Greece. Our family's dedication to olive cultivation has been passed down, ensuring that our Greek extra virgin olive oil remains a symbol of heritage and quality.

We honor our ancestors' commitment by continually refining our methods to produce the finest olive oil.

A Unique Location, Perfect Climate for Olive Cultivation

Nestled near the ancient town of Gytheio, "Land of God," Loukakos Estate benefits from the ideal conditions of the Southern Peloponnese. The combination of sun, sea breeze, and rich, hilly terrain near the Laconian Gulf creates the perfect environment for cultivating our superior olives.

This unique location enhances the flavor and quality of our extra virgin olive oil.

PGI Status

At Loukakos Estate, our commitment to excellence is further underscored by our PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status. This prestigious certification guarantees that our extra virgin olive oil is authentically Greek and produced under stringent quality standards specific to our unique region. The PGI status not only protects our heritage but also ensures that every bottle of our olive oil embodies the rich flavors and superior quality that are characteristic of our land.

Sustainable Practices and Respecting the Legacy of Olive Oil

Olive oil has a history dating back to 1500 BC, and at Loukakos Estate, we honor this legacy with sustainable farming practices. By investing in the land's care, we ensure our olives grow healthy and our oil retains its highest quality.

Our commitment to sustainability means our olive oil is enjoyed in its purest form, just as nature intended.

Crafting Perfection - Our Olive Oil Production Process

Producing our premium extra virgin olive oil is a meticulous year-long endeavour. Each step, from harvesting to pressing, is optimised using both traditional and modern techniques. At Loukakos Estate, we leave nothing to chance, ensuring our olive oil meets the highest standards of excellence year after year.

This dedication results in an exceptional product that stands out in both flavour and quality.

Celebrating Excellence - Our Awards and Recognitions

At Loukakos Estate, our extra virgin olive oil stands among the world's elite. Recognized not just for its exceptional flavor but also as a natural medicine, our EVOO is certified by the Natural Products Pharmaceutical Department of the University of Athens, placing it in a prestigious category of its own. Our commitment to quality has also been honored with awards at the esteemed Olympia Awards and Great Taste Awards.

These accolades affirm our dedication to producing an olive oil that is truly extraordinary.