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Welcome to Loukakos Estate
About Us

 Coming from a long line of artisans and origins deep rooted in the Laconia region of the Southern Peloponnese, the Loukakos family has a rich history of olive cultivation and olive oil production spanning five generations.


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Our Commitments

One of Greece's most prized and valuable products is extra virgin olive oil. Although the many health benefits of extra virgin olive oil have been known for many thousands of years, it is only very recently that we've seen an increase in consumer awareness of the health benefits. 

As consumers are becoming more health conscious, coupled with the widespread problem of fraudulent and adulterated olive oils flooding the market, consumers are actively seeking oils with specific health properties and traceability.

In Greece

This gives motivation to producers, such as ourselves, to produce a product of exceptional quality. Unfortunately, these "cheap oils" are damaging the market as many consumers are still unaware of these unethical practices.

One of our many commitments is to educate retailers and consumers in what goes into making an exceptional extra virgin olive oil and where standards are often compromised to cut costs.

The extra virgin olive oil produced in the region we are based in is among the finest in the world due to the indigenous Koroneiki olive tree. For this reason, another commitment is to work with local producers to help them improve their crop quality and harvesting methods aiding in the improvement of the overall quality of oil produced in the region.

Additionally, we also work with local mills, informing them of new techniques and research in an effort to be at the forefront of quality olive oil production.

In the UK

We've been lucky enough to be able to support local schools across multiple London boroughs with their fund raising activities; an ongoing commitment which we are both passionate & proud of.


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Valtaki Krokees 23050, Lakonia, GREECE


71-75 Shelton Street, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ

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